Look #333 Chess Anyone?

MOG [ZE] Chess Gown_001MOG [ZE] Chess Gown_002

Hello Everyone, have a great week.

Today we have another look at The Month Of Games Event by Siren Productions.

The Gown is by [ZE] (zanze) called Chess Gown {White Rook}, it is Mesh and includes the Hat and Choker.

Enjoy, happy shopping and stop by the sim sure you will find something to your liking.

ℓєуℓα ♥

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Look #330

MOG (red)sans Cluedo_001MOG (red)sans Cluedo_002


Hello Everyone, 

Today I wanted to show you another amazing gown from The Month Of Games Event. The Gown is by (Red)Sans and is called Cluedo it is Mesh and comes in 5 Sizes, the hair piece is included, clutch and even shoes (clutch & shoes not shown)

The hair is by Alice Project called National Anthem, a gift at the Hair Fair 2014.

Enjoy, happy shopping.

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Look #320

MOG Masoom Princess Frostine_001

Hello Everyone, hope you a fabulous Weekend!

Today we will focus on the Month Of Games held by Siren Productions. I have a gown to show you by [[Masoom]] a proud sponsor of the Event.

The gown is called Princess Prostine (skirt is mesh), top comes with applier and also includes the WowMeh applier. The Magic Wand Light & Magic Wand Star are also included .

 Enjoy, happy shopping.

ℓєуℓα ♥

Look #318

MOG PM Scarlet Gown, CSR Bens Boutique Pumps_005

MOG PM Scarlet Gown, CSR Bens Boutique Pumps_001

MOG PM Scarlet Gown, CSR Bens Boutique Pumps_002

MOG PM Scarlet Gown, CSR Bens Boutique Pumps_004

Hello Everyone, hope your day is going well.

Today lets talk about the Event starting on July 12, 2014, the Month Of Games. Please keep watch for the landmark.

The first item I chose to show you is a Gown by ::PM:: called Miss Scarlet it is Mesh and comes in 5 Sizes and also includes a Feather Stole.

The Shoes are by Bens Boutique called Elegance they work with SLink High Feet and can purchased at Cosmopolitan Sale Room.

Enjoy, happy shopping!

ℓєуℓα ♥