Love Walks On The Beach!






Hello Everyone, Happy Thirsty Thursday!

Today there is a couple of things I would love to show you. 

The BodySuit by Magnifique called Glitter Me-Aqua other colors available are Gold, Grey, and Green. Glitter Me comes with Phat Azz and Lolas Appliers. The shoes are by Essenz called Los Angeles they are hud driven with a 6 color options. Both these items can be found at Cosmopolitan Sale Room.

The Jewelry Set is by !NFINITY called Black Onyx Set comes with the Earrings and Necklace and can be found at LIKE Sales Room. Other sets available are Blue Pearl, Stone Heart, Cold Heart, Mother of Pearl, and Earth Heart.

Hope you enjoy, happy shopping. See you soon!

Leyla ♥ 



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