Round # 5 Started At Cosmopolitan Sale Room!



Hello Everyone, hope you are enjoying your Tuesday! We are expecting a big Snow Storm here today!

I have a lot to show you today from the Cosmopolitan Sale Room it is a super round make sure you visit shortly. Lets start with the item from the SLebrity SLection Street Sale a Jewelry Set by Sugel Co. called {Black Spikes} Steampunk, included is the necklace and earrings. Then we have the total outfit by AsHmOoT called AW Coll Outfit 09. Coll comes with Bag, Belt, Jacket, Shorts, Boots, and Top with Applier, and can be worn with or without Jacket.


The Jeans are by Alyce called Flare Cut Jeans and are Hud driven with 150 colors you can go wild with these matching to your tops or Jackets. The BodySuit is by PHWOAR COUTURE and is only available at the shop, it is called *P.c* Xania BodySuit {White} comes with Appliers and is available in other colors. 



The Mesh panties are by blah.BLAH.blah called Chained Panties and are available at CSR in Black, Blue and Red. I paired them with a tied top from a previous round, but there is countless possibilities with these.



The dress is by [LG] called KC-Winter 14-Heartbreaker Dress and it is Mesh and comes in 5 Sizes also available at CSR for the next 2 weeks.



The Coat is by Look*Me called Beth Coat it is Mesh and comes in 5 Sizes and is hud driven with 3 color options. Beth can also be found at CSR for the next 2 weeks.

Hope you enjoy my little walk through the Cosmopolitan Sale Room, happy shopping! See you soon!



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