SeXXX Sells Event In Full Swing!


Hello Everyone, hope you are enjoying your Sunday!

Today there is a couple more items from the SeXXX Sells Event that I want you to see. We have Gown by Zed Sensations* called Ruby Jewel Gown Black. Ruby Jewel comes with Phat Azz Applier, SKING Brazilias Applier, Lolas Tango Applier, Lush Applier, Mirage Applier, and SLINK hand Applier. You will look sensational at any fancy Garden Party in Ruby Jewel or in any BallRoom.

Then there is the Royal Bedset by J.L. Designs it has 104 Menus, 1086 Animations, 556 Poses, 9 Wood Choices, 63 Fabric Combinations, Xcite, RLV, BDSM, Boy-Girl, Girl-Girl, 3 Some, 4 Some and More. The set includes Bed, Nightstands,Lamps, Dresser w/Mirror, Chest and Bench. This is the Platinum Edition Sex Bed.

Hope you enjoy, happy shopping! See you soon!

Leyla ♥ 



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