Play The Night Away!


Hello Everyone, hope you are having a great Monday!

Today I have a couple of items that will be available at the SeXXX Sells Event starting January 17th through February 1st. Keep watching my posts for the landmark just a couple more days.

First we will start with the Upright Sex Piano, well designed it is a mere 8 prims with over 185 high quality animations and no static poses. With all additional items this set only 36 prims. Other items included is 2 Plants, Fireplace, Book Shelves, Wall Art, and Moose Mount. The Piano is a design by H&S ( Heart & Soul Design).

Then we have the dress by +LOST EDEN+ called Indulgence Black, it comes in all layers and includes the Breast Appliers and from the back oh la la a must have. This is their 1st Exclusive for the event.

Poses used by [Kikay] Dyosa 4 & 6.

Hope you enjoy, happy shopping! See you soon!




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