Jewelry & Accessory Expo Starting December 6th #1



Hello Everyone, hope your Tuesday is going well, we are expecting snow here today!

Today I have a great line up for you, there are so many great events going on and some that are coming up that I wanted to show you. First we will start with the Collar by Sugel Co. called Lace Collar Nekclaces with Studs [Beige] this item is available at the Cosmopolitan Sale Room. Then we have the Dress by NS:: called Dark Dress and Boots (boots not shown), this outfit is available at Siria’s Fashion Room.We also have the poses used by [Kikay] called Neri 2 & 3.

We are all awaiting the start of the Jewelry & Accessory Expo starting December 6th, I will be featuring some of the great items that will be available there. Here is a list of the Premium Designers that you will find there, Amarelo Manga, Energie Footwear, Finesmith, Gabriel, Liv Glam, Maxi Gossamer, Pure Poison, Vintage Jewels, Violator, and Zibska. I will continue to list the J&A Expos Designers in upcoming posts.Please keep a watch out for more information including the Expo Calendar of Shows.

The featured item today from the Jewelry & Accessory Expo are the Boots by Yasum called *Mesh*Dead End Boots*MEGA HUD controlled. The hud gives you many options including the choice of 4 colors. The textures on these boots are awesome, please make sure to check these out at the Expo they are a must have for your inventory! Thank You Azlyn Vaher!

Hope you enjoyed and make sure you mark your calendar for December 6th so you don’t miss the Jewelry & Accessory Expo. See you soon!

Leyla ♥ 


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